Felicity Jones speaks the Queen's English, yet in the film, she managed to sound very much like me, a girl born and bred in Brooklyn, NYC.
Three linguists at New York University spent three years studying hours of Supreme Court audio recordings of Ginsburg, both as a litigator in the 1970s and as a justice for decades... Jones and her dialect coach, Naomi Joy Todd, listened to those recordings, too.
In a role that could easily have wound up being a poor imitation of Streep’s Donna, the British James effectively evokes the character, says Eliza Simpson.
"Technically, the sounds are all there. Rhythm-wise, she's hitting really characteristic (American) rhythms," Simpson says. And, as Simpson says, James does something that Brits tend to have trouble with: She hits rhotic R’s really well. Translation: She pronounces the "R" in words like “car” correctly without overdoing the sound.
lily james