Unsung heroes: celebrating the below-the-line UK talent from film and TV awards contenders

Nikki Baughan for Screen International

The Wheel of Time: Loial the Ogier Is The Best Adaptation Since Gollum...The cadence of his speech implores the audience to take Loial seriously in ways that the book conveys through other means. 


We have an amazing dialect coach called Naomi Todd, and her and I just went up and down the forest hills surrounding the Aes Sedai camp trying to drill the lines into me. Because that has to sound like something that she’s said constantly to herself. And there has to be a certain flow to it.

Zoë Robins quoted in Nerdist

“Technically, the sounds are all there. Rhythm-wise, she's hitting really characteristic (American) rhythms,” Simpson says. And, as Simpson says, James does something that Brits tend to have trouble with: She hits rhotic R’s really well.

Carly Mallenbaum for USA TODAY

Felicity Jones speaks the Queen's English, yet in the film, she managed to sound very much like me, a girl born and bred in Brooklyn, NYC.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg quoted in Vanity Fair